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Illinois Fathers is very pleased to announce we will be opening our first office in Springfield Illinois. Located in the Capitol city we will have a headquarters centralized within the state. We will utilize this location to hold meetings, teach classes, and run our operation. We will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony sometime in mid July we hope that you all will come out and celebrate this historical moment with us. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.








Calling all court watchers!!!  WE NEED YOU!!!  This Friday May 30th 8:30am,  at the Daley Center, Room 3007.  Our champion Mick Gerhardt has another court hearing.  Get this! In a sneaky attempt to keep this quiet, the Judge set the court date as quickly and as early in the morning as possible.   Hmmmmm.   Sounds like the Judge wants to make sure she can do what she pleases without the public knowing.  WELL,  lets show her that this will not fly and show up and pack her court room.  Let’s send her a message that WE are watching and that what is being done in darkness and secrecy is unacceptable!  I urge all members to tell everyone you know, and to show up for Mick, this Friday May 30th 8:30am, at the Daley Center. 

Show your support for  MICK and show up to this hearing!!!

Friends, It has been reported that our “Family Court Freedom Fighter” Mick Gerhardt is being retaliated against by the system (Judge Naomi Schuster and the Bar Association). The facility that is housing Mick is claiming that they don’t have an individual by the name of Mick Gerhardt in their system. REALLY????? We have confirmed his location at 26th and California Cook County Jail. It has also been reported that Mick is not being treated like a normal prisoner. Unfortunately its clear Mick is being punished for his activities to bring equality to family court, and testifying against the Bar association. Many have made attempts to visit Mick and access has been denied. The facility administration is making it very difficult to keep the lines of commmunication open with Mick. I am sure this is by design.

We are in the process of setting up another protest for Mick. Your participation is vital! Mick has done so much for our organization and WE cannot let him down! If you can participate, please call the contact below:


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This is an urgent call for everyone to show support for Mick tomorrow morning at his hearing. You can show your support for Mick by showing up to the hearing. Bring everyone you know so we can pack the court room!

Mick’s hearing is tomorrow at 9:30 AM at the Daley center court house on floor 30 in room 3007.

Family Law Reform Champion and Advocate, Attorney Mick Gerhardt, was unlawfully put in jail by Cook County Judge Naomi Schuster. Supporters of Attorney Mick Gerhardt will hold a protest May 11, 2014 at the cook county jail on 26th and California.

Advocate and Family Law Reform Champion, Attorney Mick Gerhardt was put in Jail several days ago by Judge Naomi Schuster for a contempt charge stemming from a financial audit order that was clearly outside of Mr. Gerhardt’s ability to complete. The order was entered by Judge Schuster. The ruling has since been appealed. However, after the appeal was filed, Judge Schuster entered an order jailing Attorney Mick Gerhardt for failing to fully comply with the courts order.

When a “court case” is appealed the district court loses jurisdiction/control over the case until after the appellate court rules on any errors that the district judge committed in the case. During that time the district court cannot enter orders on the case. This is well known in the legal community. Judge Naomi Schuster clearly overstepped her judicial authority by putting attorney Mick Gerhardt in jail. This was an unlawful act and should be rectified immediately.

Mick Gerhardt is a family law attorney in the Chicago land area. Over the years Mick has worked very hard to bring reform to family law. Mick has seen first-hand the devastation to families that occurs in our court system today. The abuse of judicial power and lack of oversight/transparency during this process is destroying the family structure. Family law is in need of reform.

Join us Sunday May 11th at 2pm at the Cook County Jail to protest the illegal jailing of Mick Gerhardt by Judge Naomi Schuster. The protest will be held in front of the jail at:
2700 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 60608


Travis Turner

Juan Carlos

A lot of folks have asked us what exactly happened with all the bills that have floated through the General Assembly in the last few years. One of our former board members put together this video to help break down the chronology and what pressures are being put on the General Assembly to demonstrate the current state of shared parenting in our state. This video should hopefully help frame the debate for when these bills make it to the Senate.

Database Restored

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Thank you everyone for your patience. We had a crash of our database a short time back and our admins worked diligently to restore the data to our site. Our site is now back up and running normal again. Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

image8Illinois Fathers First Annual Murder Mystery Dinner Is SOLD OUT. Thank you to all who purchased tickets and helped support our efforts to better serve the Non-Custodial Parents and children of Illinois. We are very excited to meet you all on Saturday and look forward to sharing a fun filled evening with you!

Remember doors open at 6:30pm SEE YOU THERE!
141 Lakewood drive Chatham Ill, 62629


Illinois Fathers is establishing an initiative that will provide volunteers who will serve as visitation supervisors. Dad’s House will increase the presence of non-custodial fathers in the lives of their children by providing a safe comfortable family atmosphere for visits, and by providing  a safe, neutral drop-off and pick-up location once a parenting plan is established. In addition to providing a site and supervisor for the visits, Dad’s House will offer parenting education to fathers, including childhood developmental stages, age-appropriate activities and co-parenting through conflict. Quarterly, Dad’s House will host parent-child activities for all participants. There are many ways you can help us make this dream come true. We are seeking sponsors and volunteers for the program. To find out more about becoming a sponsor or volunteer contact us at  You can make a donation to the program by clicking the donate button on the right side of your screen. Help us reunite children with their fathers and make dreams come true.

Prime Time National Coverage

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This Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time the fathers’ rights movement hits prime-time mainstream media!

As a result of the recent success of his new book ‘Confessions of a Deadbeat dad’, researcher Todd Bottom was contacted to be interviewed along with a few others that are passionate about fathers’ rights by Lisa Fletcher, a former ABC News correspondent and investigative reporter who now hosts The Stream – a daily show on Al Jazeera America.

The channel, which launched on August 20, 2013, directly competes with CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel. The Stream is a current events discussion and debate show formatted to allow viewers to interact with the hosts and guests during the program via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Hangouts and Skype.

Recently named Outstanding Talk Show in the news category by the Gracie Awards, the Al Jazeera English version of The Stream has also received the 2012 Royal Television Society’s award for Most Innovative Program of the Year and the 2012 Webby’s People’s Choice Award for News and Politics. The Stream also received a 2012 U.S Emmy nomination for New Approach to News and Documentary Programming.

Please make time to watch Tuesday’s program and weigh in with the host and guests during the live program. Most importantly….tell everyone you know about it! Spread the word for awareness and let’s get fathers’ issues into more mainstream media!